Post Admin Shortcuts WordPress Plugin Released

I would like to introduce my latest WordPress plugin : Post Admin Shortcuts AKA “Post Pin Cushion“. The plugin is an enhancement to the admin back-end that makes it easy for the blog author to pin posts. You can then access these ‘pinned’ posts via the admin menu.

A common scenario simplified

Like most blog authors, you have a set of posts that you update on a regular basis. In my case, every time I release a new version of the Twitter Blackbird Pie plugin , I update the original post with a link at the top to the new post. Here is the walk through of the issue:

  1. You are logged into the back-end and you click the “Posts” listing page
  2. You scroll down (if you are lucky) or page to find the post you are looking for
  3. You click on the post to edit it

With the Post Admin Shortcuts plugin, you just ‘pin’ the post. A shortcut menu item is created in the admin menu in the “posts” section with a direct link to edit the post you have pinned. So now all you need to do is click the link. No need to find the post or view the list of all posts, just click the link. Simple.

To Pin Or Not To Pin

I added a column into the “Post” listing page that shows an icon for a pin. It’s so simple a 3 year old could do it. Just click the pin icon to pin the post. It immediately will be added to the admin menu (IN REALTIME using some cool ajax). And then click the icon again to unpin it. Here is a screenshot of how the post listing page has changed, together with some post shortcuts in the menu:

Download and try it out. It’s actually quite fun too. I find myself pinning and unpinning posts just for the hell of it