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Show Hidden Custom Fields WordPress Plugin


This is what I would call a micro-plugin. It’s really only a few lines of code, but all the same, it serves a very specific purpose. And hopefully it will help out some WordPress bloggers. Custom fields are hidden by prefixing them with an underscore. Use the “Show Hidden Custom Fields” plugin to make them visible again. Thanks to ViperBond007 for the orginal solution.

The reason I created this plugin was actually for my Twitter Blackbird Pie WordPress plugin. I store the tweet data as hidden custom fields. This is used to cache the tweet so that a call to is not needed on every page view. However, sometimes you want this “cache” to expire. Recently Gerry had a similar problem and commented about it. I replied with a solution, but I thought that more people might have a need for this plugin so I decided to add it to the plugin repository.

I hope you find it useful…download it here!

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