Git Cheat Sheet Chrome Extension

Are you learning Git? Or can you never remember all the available Git commands? Or are you not quite sure what ‘remote’ or ‘rebase’ does? My answer was yes to all of the above. I needed a quick way to see what Git commands were available, and I also wanted to know what parameters they took and how to use them. I found the answers to all these questions within the excellent Git Cheat Sheet created by Chris Sevilleja over at Scotch (if you don’t already follow these guys, then do so now!).

I really liked their cheat sheet, but I wanted the info to be more accessible. So I figured it would be a cool idea for a Chrome extension. And seeing as I have Chrome open all day, I will have quick access to all the Git commands now too. The extension includes handy Git terminology, commonly used commands and help with the syntax and parameters for each Git Command.

Check out the source code for the extension on GitHub. Or install the extension now within Chrome!