Admin Bookmarks WordPress Plugin

On this blog, I have quite a few posts and pages that I update often. I got annoyed with trying to find them under “All pages” or “All posts”, especially over time when they move onto page 2 or 3. So I created the Admin Bookmarks plugin (free to download from It allows you to “star” (bookmark) pages or posts, which adds a new link directly to the WordPress admin menu. Now you can find and edit those posts in one easy click!

The plugin has already been mentioned on WPTavern, so I figured I should get busy and do my own post about it too :) The idea of Admin Bookmarks has actually been around for quite some time, in the form of another older plugin called Post Admin Shortcuts, which is also mine. That plugin is over 2 years old now, and when I decided to update it, I decided to rename and rebrand at the same time. The name Post Admin Shortcuts was a bit confusing, and the code was really old too! I also wanted to utilize the new 3.8 Dashicons, and I really like the look of the star icons in the post listing pages:

Plugin Features

  • Intuitive interface to bookmark posts using a star icon. Uses the new WP3.8 dashicons icon font.
  • Zero settings! Activate and enjoy.
  • Works with posts, pages and any custom post types
  • Dashboard widget listing all bookmarks.
  • Setting a bookmark is done in realtime via AJAX.
  • Bookmarks are added to the admin menu for quick editing.

You can also find the code on GitHub.

Download the Admin Bookmarks WordPress Plugin.