Announcing a new WordPress Workflow Plugin

Today we released a new WordPress plugin on FooPlugins that I am very excited about. It was developed by Stephen Welgemoed, who I am very happy to have on team Foo! It’s name is PostFlow.

In a nutshell…

PostFlow allows WordPress administrators to trigger custom workflows when specific conditions are met.

Currently, there are 4 built-in workflows that you can choose from:

  1. Email - email a user or group of users (by role) or a custom list of email addresses
  2. URL - post data to any custom URL
  3. Action - fire a WordPress action of your choice
  4. Logging - log an event to the PostFlow log custom post type

And you can fire these “flows” when a post (or custom post type) is set to a specific status of your choosing.

Example Scenarios

  • Get an email notification when a post is submitted by an editor.
  • Email all editors when a new WooCommerce product is published.
  • Post info to your external CRM software when a new post is published.
  • Email all administrators when a post is trashed.
  • Fire off a custom plugin action when a post is scheduled.

What Are You Waiting For?

You can get PostFlow right here and receive 20% off of any license using the coupon code POSTFLOWLAUNCH (only valid for 72 hours). Or check out the blog post with more details about what the plugin can do.