WordPress Code Generators Roundup

Coding can be tedious. With development in more demand now than ever before, it’s becoming critical for freelancers and developers to find ways to reduce the time it takes to create applications and websites. And of course, anything from a simple business website to a complex eCommerce website can be created using WordPress. The challenge for freelancers and developers is figuring out how to make the development of these sites fast and efficient.

Thankfully, there are WordPress Code Generators.

Many scenarios or concepts in WordPress require quite a bit of code to get working, and it’s difficult to remember all the variables involved, even if you use these functions frequently. This is where code generators can help.

I, myself, develop WordPress plugins on a daily basis, but I find myself going back to these generators time and time again. The reason is simple : speed and accuracy. It is much quicker to generate code than write it myself, and the code will have less human errors and typos - guaranteed.

Some examples of the what we can generate include:

  • Custom Post Types
  • Queries
  • Sidebars
  • Post Statuses
  • Menus
  • Readme.txt
  • wp-config.php

Custom Post Types & Taxonomies

Arguably, one of the most game-changing features in WordPress 3.0 was the introduction of Custom Post Types (and taxonomies). This really launched WordPress into being a real contender in the CMS space, and has changed the way we write WordPress themes and plugins. Read Justin Tadlock’s article for more info.

Plugin Generators

While the above generators might make it unnecessary to include certain Custom Post Type plugins, sometimes you want to generate a whole WordPress plugin. There are some generators that help, by generating you the boilerplate code needed to get you started:

  • WordPress Plugin Generator Another handy generator to get you going quickly. It does not use classes (which I prefer), but rather function prefixes.


As you have noticed, most of the links go to my generators right here on While I hope you use these and find them useful, there is also another site that I think you should check out : GenerateWP. They have some really cool generators and they do a great job of making the whole generation process as simple and smooth as possible. Some of the other generators they have are:

  • Wp-config.php
  • Post Status
  • Sidebar
  • Menu
  • Theme Support
  • Shortcode
  • WP_Query

They are also in the process of developing more generators and always keep their generators up to date.

Other WordPress Generators

  • The WordPress Query Generator - a very intuitive code generator for generating your WP_Query function calls.
  • Readme.txt File Generator - easily generate your readme.txt content for plugins on