Gravity Forms WYSIWYG plugin update

I finally updated my WYSIWYG addon plugin for Gravity Forms this weekend. It has only taken me about a year to update it. Some noteworthy updates:

Default Values and Validation Fixes

The WYSIWYG field now supports default values. Also, the nasty bug that cleared your editor when the form did not validate has been fixed.

Enable WYSIWYG For Paragraph Text Field

You can now enable the WYSIWYG field for paragraph text fields. This opens up another possibility, which has often asked for:

WYSIWYG Support For Post Custom Field

This one was not as straight forward as I had hoped. The dropdown for selecting a field type with the post custom field is “locked down”. This means there are no actions or filters available to add your own custom field types to the list. So the work around was quite sneaky : by allowing the paragraph text field to be WYSIWYG enabled, you just need to select the paragraph text field type and then check “enable WYSIWYG” and you should be set.

Media Buttons Support

The WYSIWYG editor media buttons are turned off by default, but you can enable them by adding a class name of “media_buttons” to your field.

This update has been long overdue. Hopefully I can dedicate more time to these Gravity Form addons in future.