Gravity Forms Addon Plugins

Gravity Forms is the best form builder plugin for WordPress. We have written a few addon plugins for Gravity Forms that we know you will love! If you do not yet own or know about Gravity Forms, then do yourself a favour and check it out!

Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types

Gravity forms allows you to create posts from a form using ‘post fields’. By default the submitted form will create a post, but we wanted a way to save a custom post type instead. It can be done quite easily with some php code, but we didn’t want to write any code at all. Now it is easy. Maybe too easy You can also link a custom taxomony to the field types : Drop Downs, Mulit Selects, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes and Single Line Text. So when the form is displayed a list of terms for the custom taxonomy are listed. And then when the post (or custom post type) is created, it automatically links the post to the selected taxonomy term(s).


  • Map a form to a custom post type (using the post title field)
  • Map fields (Drop Downs, Multiple Choice or Checkboxes) to a custom taxonomy
  • Supports Gravity Forms v1.5 and over (including v1.6)
  • Ability to have more than 1 taxonomy linked in a form
  • Hierarchical dropdowns for hierarchical taxonomies
  • Populate a dropdown with posts
  • Ability to set a parent post using the dropdown control
  • Single line text field can link to taxonomies by entering a comma seperated list
  • Enhanced UI on single line text fields to show a “tag input” styled control
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Gravity Forms CSS Ready Selectors

“Ready Classes” were introduced in Gravity Forms 1.5. Using these new classes, you can easily create more advanced alternative layouts for the fields in your forms. Excellent idea, however, the problem is you always need to remember what the exact class name is. Now with the CSS Ready class selector, you don’t need to remember. Simply click on a button to lauch the popup and choose the class you want to add from the list.


  • Convenient button added under the advanced tab next to the “CSS Class Name” field
  • Clean and simple popup that lists all the “Ready Classes”
  • Add more than one “Ready Class”
  • Double click a “Ready Class” to add it and auto-close the popup
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Gravity Forms WYSIWYG

The current version of Gravity Forms (v.1.6.4) does not yet support WYSIWYG fields. This plugins hopes to fill this gap until the WYSIWYG editor is supported by the Gravity Forms core.


  • Adds a new WYSIWYG field under standard fields
  • Adds a “Enable WYSIWYG” checkbox for post body field

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