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FooBox 1.2 Released


Two months down the road, and FooBox is doing great! We have over 500 sales to date and the customer and community response has been awesome. I would like to go over a few of the changes we have just released in v1.2:

Deep Linking Support

This was one of the most requested features : the ability to give each image it’s own special URL so when you click the share buttons, that specific image is shared and not the page. The nice thing now, however, is that when someone clicks the link that was shared, not only are they taken to the page, but the image is automatically shown with FooBox! Follow this link to see FooBox automatically open.

Better Captions

Not only do the captions now support HTML, but they also support having a title and a description. Click the image below to see what I mean.

Open FooBox From a Standalone Link

You used to only be able to show FooBox on links that had image thumbnails inside them. This was quite a big limitation, but now you can have a standalone link that points to an image and when clicked, will automatically open FooBox. We now also support images added via the WordPress media library, so you do not need to add any special classnames, they just work!

Justified Image Grid

We have now also added full support for the awesome Justified Image Grid (JIG) plugin. The combination of JIG and FooBox is actually quite amazing. You have to see it to believe just how sweet they work together.

Other Changes

  • Better swipe support on mobile devices
  • Improved removal of existing lightboxes from themes
  • Click the image to hide the social buttons and caption
  • Moved image counter below the modal
  • Improved Facebook and Pinterest sharing
  • Preloading improved so it no longer delays FooBox

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