Foobar WordPress Notification Bar Plugin v1.8 Released

The latest release of our Foobar Notification Plugin for WordPress was put live on CodeCanyon about an hour ago. Here is a list of all the changes made. There are quite a few!

New Features

  • (obviously) Updated to use the new jquery.foobar script (also v1.8).
  • Option to Disable Foobar - Under Foobar settings, there is a new setting to disable Foobar completely on the site. This was made so you don’t need to disable the plugin if you want to quickly remove all Foobars.
  • Option to NOT include jQuery  - Under Foobar settings, there is new setting to stop the plugin from automatically including the jQuery library into the page. You will not believe how many themes and plugins out there include their own version of jQuery!! It is DISGUSTING! Foobar does (and always has) used the recommended way of including javascript into the page, so when another plugin or theme includes another copy of jQuery, things break! (and as usual, everyone blames poor old Foobar)
  • Disable Enhanced Admin UI - Under Foobar settings, there is a new tab ‘Admin UI’ where you can disable the enhanced UI controls, like color pickers and numeric sliders.
  • Disable Scrolling Text - Added a new option to disable scrolling text for long messages (for those who hate marquees).
  • Ignore Admin bar - Added a new option to ignore the Admin bar and always place the foobar at the very top.
  • Random Messages - Added an option to show messages randomly.
  • Z-index Increased - the CSS Z-index of the foobar was increased to accommodate other elements that stood above it.
  • 4 More Social Icons - 2 Google+, 1 DeviantArt and 1 icons added.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues when disabling borders did not actually disable them.
  • Fixed issues when unsetting default Foobar was not working.
  • Fixed issues where certain values were not being set for the Foobar.
  • Fixed issue with extra long messages being but off.
  • Fixed issue when setting the close button to ‘hidden’ was not hiding it.
  • Fixed issue with Twitter feeds in IE. The twitter functionality now uses Google’s feed API (exactly like the RSS feeds work). This overcomes a security issue in IE.
  • Fixed issue with color’s not being prefixed with # and causing the Foobar to seem transparent.