Yet Another List of Lorem Ipsum Generators

Everyone has their favourite Lorem Ipsum generator to help generate dummy content for new websites. And recently, for some reason, there has been a lot of people posting about this. There was actually a post on this subject on WPMU just yesterday, but I had already written 80% of this post. So sorry, but you are gonna have to deal with yet another list of Lorem Ipsum generators:


The original Lorem Ipsum generator, and the one I have always used.

Sample output:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent vulputate mattis vestibulum. Nunc sit amet odio quam, a iaculis est. Cras vel nisi a metus condimentum pretium ac vel velit. Nunc ut ipsum in massa accumsan tincidunt. Nulla pellentesque consectetur sapien eget tempus. Maecenas at magna vel ante ornare luctus in et metus.


Named “The ‘lorem ipsum’ generator that doesn’t suck”, this generator is more advanced than the original, and includes options to add a bunch of different HTML elements.

Sample output:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Non est igitur summum malum dolor. At certe gravius. Bonum incolumis acies: misera caecitas. Bonum liberi: misera orbitas.

  • Et ais, si una littera commota sit, fore tota ut labet disciplina.
  • Quod non faceret, si in voluptate summum bonum poneret.
  • Et nemo nimium beatus est;
  • Duo Reges: constructio interrete.

3. Bacon Ipsum

This generator uses meat-related words to fill up your content.

Sample output:

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet ham hock pork sausage ball tip rump, biltong short loin pastrami drumstick tail pig tri-tip pork loin brisket pork belly. Tongue strip steak kielbasa, pork chop ham hock pork belly meatball. T-bone salami andouille ball tip turkey venison tail shank sausage ribeye.

4. Tuna Ipsum

Similar to Bacon Ipsum, this generator uses fish-related words to fill up your content.

Sample output:

New World rivuline oilfish: spadefish ghoul flagfish sandbar shark pollyfish, gunnel. Cod icefish sind danio pollock, french angelfish smelt ghoul weeverfish, combtooth blenny golden shiner Devario wrasse triplespine mouthbrooder. Channel bass snubnose parasitic eel trout halosaur bonytail chub false cat shark: tuna?

5. Samuel L. Ipsum

I love this one! It generates filler text using Samuel L. Jackson quotes from the movie Pulp Fiction.

Sample output:

My money’s in that office, right? If she start giving me some bullshit about it ain’t there, and we got to go someplace else and get it, I’m gonna shoot you in the head then and there. Then I’m gonna shoot that bitch in the kneecaps, find out where my goddamn money is.

6. TV Ipsum

This one uses cheesy lines from 70′s and 80′s TV shows like The A-Team.

Sample output:

Boy the way Glen Miller played. Songs that made the hit parade. Guys like us we had it made. Those were the days. The first mate and his Skipper too will do their very best to make the others comf’terble in their tropic island nest. Doin’ it our way.

7. Beer Ipsum

This one uses beer related words.

Sample output:

Mash Caramel malt Lauter Tun Krug. Aroma Hops Barleywine Barley Hefe. Zymurgy Reboboam Dortmunder Decoction. Chlorophenolic Mouthfeel, Seidel: Double Magnum Crystal malt; Pint glass. Aroma Hops Hogshead, Lagering Barm Salamanzar. Real Ale Cane sugar

8. Cup Cake Ipsum

“Auto-generated text that will actually make people love your project even more”

Sample output:

Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet toffee jelly-o. Topping bear claw icing. Fruitcake liquorice bonbon faworki gummi bears. Jelly beans lollipop fruitcake chocolate bar apple pie jelly-o caramels fruitcake. Danish biscuit I love chocolate bar I love lemon drops sugar plum liquorice cake

9. Vegan Ipsum

The “All filler, no killer” content generator

Sample output:

Parsnip, skirret salsify yarrow tomatillo endive. Mooli scorzonera mizuna greens, plectranthus. Moth bean shallot manioc, bitter gourd catsear rutabaga lagos bologi - elephant foot yam jícama dolichos bean; tomato mooli. Chrysanthemum leaves fluted pumpkin; beetroot broccoli rabe - prussian asparagus cassava - fava bean.

10. Zombie Ipsum

And my favourite for last. “A macabre feast of frightful filler!”

Sample output:

Zombie ipsum reversus ab viral inferno, nam rick grimes malum cerebro. De carne lumbering animata corpora quaeritis. Summus brains sit??, morbo vel maleficia? De apocalypsi gorger omero undead survivor dictum mauris. Hi mindless mortuis soulless creaturas, imo evil stalking monstra adventus resi dentevil vultus comedat cerebella viventium.