WordPress Admin Color Scheme Generator

  • Admin Color Schemes - add 8 new color schemes to your admin.
  • HS Custom Admin Theme - a plugin to create your own custom color schemes. - seems to have been pulled from the repo!
  • Create a Custom WordPress Admin Color Scheme - a post by my friend Matt who walks you through creating your own color scheme.

So this got me thinking… wouldn’t it be cool if you could enter a few colors into a generator and it spits out a stand-alone WordPress plugin which contains the custom color scheme? Nothing more, nothing less. If you are a freelancer, this would be really cool, cause you can generate a personalized color scheme plugin for an individual customer. Well, I built it! And it’s a WordPress plugin too. So this plugin generates other plugins.

Admin Color Scheme Generator Plugin


Under the Hood

I borrowed some ideas from the Admin Color Schemes plugin, in the way that is uses SASS to easily create a color scheme stylesheet from literally 5 lines of SASS code:

I found a cool PHP SASS compiler, called phpscss, which I use to generate the actual stylesheet in the zip. Just include the file and the rest is easy:

require_once 'includes/phpscss/';		
$scss = new scssc();
$css = $scss->compile( $scss_code );

I also borrowed a lot from the generator code, but more about that in my next post.