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Start Something New In 2012 With These Boilerplates


You know what a boilerplate is right? If not, a boilerplate is a starting point / baseline / template, where someone has put together everything you will need to get started. They have done all the ground work, so you can get stuck in with no effort and focus on the good stuff : content or functionality. Think of a boilerplate as a starter-kit, rather than a framework. You are meant to modify and extend a boilerplate, and that is why they are usually well documented and laid out in a way that makes it super simple to customize to your liking.

A new year is upon us, and I am sure a lot of you have some cool ideas you want to implement in 2012. So hopefully these boilerplates will help kick-start that new idea into reality.

HTML5 Boilerplate

“A rock-solid default for HTML5 awesome”. The HTML5 boilerplate is an awesome starting point for any site and you get a bunch of really cool stuff built-in:

  • Cross-browser compatible (even IE6!)
  • HTML5 ready
  • Best practices
  • Progressive enhancement and graceful degradation
  • and much, much more
Also check out Initializr 2 which generates a custom version of the HTML5 Boilerplate based on your requirements. Literally generate your starting-point HTML5 site in 15 seconds!

Mobile Boilerplate

“A best practice baseline for your mobile web app.” From the same guys who did HTML5 Boilerplate, this template is focused on mobile - duh!

WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

A very useful starting point to get a WordPress plugin out quickly. Includes a default readme.txt file, basic translation support, as well as a bit of code that has a few hooks to include javascript and CSS files the right way. Nice!

HTML Email Boilerplate

This little gem gives you a design-free starting point for your next HTML email. It includes code to help you avoid rendering problems in the most common email clients - Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail etc.

jQuery Boilerplate

A great starting point for your next jQuery plugin. Extremely well documented, so this is an excellent starting point for a beginner wanting to to write their first jQuery plugin.


“Gridless is an optionated HTML5 and CSS3 boilerplate for making mobile first responsive, cross-browser websites with beautiful typography.”


“A small collection of CSS & JS files that can help you rapidly develop sites that look beautiful at any size, be it a 17″ laptop or an iPhone.”

Chrome Boilerplate

Starter-kit for your next Chrome app or extension. Includes some nice defaults, like the manifest file and some icons.

Boilerplate for Three.js

Three.js is a lightweight 3D engine written for javascript. This boilerplate gives you a clean project to get started with three.js.

iOS Boilerplate

A base template for iOS apps. It is an XCode project that includes many helper classes for common scenarios relating to iPhone and iPad development.

SVG Boilerplate

“SVG Boilerplate is a simple, straightforward, and functional template to embed or inline SVG content (including in text/html) that works with browsers all the way down to IE6.”


“Starkers is a bare-bones WordPress theme created to act as a starting point for the theme designer.” Also check out Boilerplate - a merger between the HTML5 boilerplate and the Starkers theme.


“Convert-o-matic is a landing page template inspired by FormStack’s infographic “Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page.” And by “inspired”, I mean a nearly one-for-one translation of the best practices described there into a customizable HTML5 landing page template.”


“Event-o-matic is a simple, one-page static site designed for events. It’s not fancy, but it Gets The Job Done. Everything you need to bang out a one-pager for your event is all here including .psd templates for the header, logo and background tiles.”

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Here are great list of Best Front End Boilerplates for Fast and Rapid Development on Web Designs