Learn How To Write WordPress Plugins

I have just published the first part of the multi-part post series entitled FooCamp over at FooPlugins on how I create WordPress plugins. The series was started out of a need to teach our Support guru Matt how to write his own WordPress plugins. But instead of trying to explain it to him over a bunch of emails, we decided to teach everyone by writing it all in blog posts. The unique thing about the series, is that Matt is following my posts with his own findings and gotchas on his blog. So after I write up a post, I send it over to him to go through, and then he writes up a post on his blog. This allows me to clarify points that were vague and also change things if needed.

Also check out the introduction post where I describe what I will be writing about. You can also subscribe to FooCamp from there to get notified when we release new posts in the series.

I hope you learn something by following along.