Hello Twitter Web Intents

I have just checked in version 0.5 of the Blackbird Pie WordPress plugin to SVN. About frikkin’ time!

I was planning to include a whole load of new features into this release, but decided to include a couple of bug fixes and, oh yes, Twitter Web Intents!

A big thanks must go out to Justin Shreve from Automattic, who let me reuse his code from the version of the Blackbird Pie plugin. Without him, this release would have taken a lot longer, and I was able to include some of his nice, neat code into the plugin.

As before, please try it out and let me know if you have any issues.

At this stage, I have a pretty clear picture in my head about what I want to include in the official v1.0 release. Some features include:

  • Ability to choose your preferred tweet layout (or use your own)
  • Shortcode to show most recent tweet from a user
  • Shortcode to group tweets
  • Allow twitter username to be captured in user profile in WP admin
  • Settings for:
    • including rel=”follow” in links
    • turning off web intents (altogether or just in rss)