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Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types WordPress Plugin


In this post I would like to introduce my new WordPress plugin called Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types. Lets not beat around the bush and get to the nitty gritty:

What is it?

  1. It works as an “add on” to the already awesome Gravity Forms Plugin.
  2. It maps a form to a WordPress custom post type.
  3. It also allows you to include WordPress custom taxonomies within a form. (Works with the Drop Downs, Multiple Choice or Checkbox fields)

Show Me The End Result

Here is an example form linked to a custom post type of ‘movies’ and includes 3 fields linking to different custom taxonomies.

A Little History

I have been using Gravity Forms for quite a while now on some client sites. It is simply the best forms plugins for WordPress. Period. And I can honestly say this because I have tried most of the free and premium form builders out there.

In Gravity Forms, one of the cool features is the ability for a form to create a post when it is submitted. This is their explanation : “Post Fields allow you to add fields to your form that create Post Drafts in WordPress from the submitted data.”  Think of these ‘post fields’ as the link to the values within a post. For example, you add a ‘post title’ field and when the form is submitted, a post is created behind the scenes, with a title of whatever was submitted. Other types of post fields are Body, Excerpt, Tags, Category, Image and custom field.

So Why Build A Plugin?

For common scenarios this plugin is not needed, but for more complex cases, there is a gap that needs to be filled : the post that is created is always of type POST. I wanted a nice and simple (without any extra coding) way to tell my form to create a custom post type. I also wanted to include a custom taxonomy in the form and link the selected taxonomy to the created custom post type.

Show Me How!

There are 2 ways to ‘link’ a form to a custom post type, and it depends on the version of Gravity Forms you are using. For Gravity Forms v1.4.5 (the current version at the time of writing this post), you have to supply CSS class names to map everything. In the newer, still in beta version, the Gravity Forms code has come a long way, and new hooks allow for tighter integration. In the beta of v1.5 you simply select the post type or taxonomy from a dropdown list under the advanced tab. Awesome!

Map a Form to a Custom Post Type

Link a Field to a Custom Taxonomy

What Next?

Check out the local plugin page.

Check out the plugin page on

Please download and play with the plugin, and if you haven’t yet, then buy Gravity Forms! You will not regret it.

If this plugin has saved you time or helped you in any way, please consider donating. I would really appreciate it :)

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Very Nice.!! This is the Great Wordpress plugins.its Working Good.. Great Thanks for sharing.


Hey Brad, just discovered your plugin from a @yoast  post. Absolutely awesome. I'm using it in conjunction with Gravity Forms (obviously) and the Types plugin - it's a mighty trio! Thanks for the great contribution!


Love this!  What I haven't figured out though is how to edit all of the data fields once they are submitted and become a "post"  any guidance there?

CAmeron Reid

Thanks for the post. Here’s a tool that lets you build your custom web form in minutes – without coding. Just point-and-click


I have a custom taxonomy (tied to a custom post type) that doesn't show in the list of taxonomies (for the Populate with a Taxonomy option). In fact, there are no taxonomies in the list. I do have a custom taxonomy created that I want to populate this list with, but I can't get it (or any others) to show.



I have the same issue as skycult. I purchased 1.5.3, but I don't see the option to map it to a custom post type the way your example shows.


Hello, this plugin is that I need, but I've purchased GF and I can't see "Save as custom post type" and "Populate with a Taxonomy"! How I can use your great plugin? Thanks.



Hello, great plugin thanks for developing it! When I populate a dropdown menu with a custom taxonomy I still have to type in a selection for the first entry in the dropdown. Furthermore I don't see the members of that custom taxonomy in the dropdown when using conditional logic. In other words I want other elements of the form to be visible based on what taxonomy is selected from the dropdown. How do I do this?


Hi! Thanks for the plugin.
While I was testing it out I realized that css taxonomy for Gravity Form V 1.4.5 disables conditional logic. Is there a way to fix that?


How can I set a key image on Custom Post Type?

Goog plugin!


Well, I don't have the option to save it as a custom post type, so it looks like it is saving to a standard post.

All the category options are for the regular post. I have a custom taxonomy set for categories for the custom post type, that doesn't display.

The custom fields for the custom post type do display in the custom field option, but the existing options don't populate.

Is that what you are asking?


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