Gravity Forms 1.5 Released!

I have been waiting a long time for this, and it has finally come! The new version of Gravity Forms has been released : version 1.5! As you may guess, Gravity Forms is my favourite form building plugin for WordPress, for one reason which becomes obvious after using it : THERE IS NO OTHER EQUAL FORM BUILDING PLUGIN FOR WORDPRESS OUT THERE. (Yes I had to shout that)

Why You Should Care?

There are a ton of new features that you have to check out. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Multi Page Forms
    Split long forms into multiple pages or steps.
  • Pricing Fields
    Create quotes or order forms. And also integrates with the Paypal add-on.
  • Textarea Character Counter
    Easily limit the number of characters and include a visual counter.
  • CSS Ready Classes (awesome!!)
    Create multi column form layouts, or display checkbox options in 3 columns, among others.
  • Default Notifications
    All  new forms by default send a notification to admin
  • ShortCode Support
    Notifications now support shortcodes for extra customization.
  • New Hooks And Filters (This is my favourite!)
    A variety of new hooks and filters have been added. Check out the documentation.
  • Support For New Add-Ons
    New Paypal Addon and User registration add-ons