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Gravity Forms 1.5 Released!


I have been waiting a long time for this, and it has finally come! The new version of Gravity Forms has been released : version 1.5! As you may guess, Gravity Forms is my favourite form building plugin for WordPress, for one reason which becomes obvious after using it : THERE IS NO OTHER EQUAL FORM BUILDING PLUGIN FOR WORDPRESS OUT THERE. (Yes I had to shout that)

Why I Care?

I have a developers license for Gravity Forms and use the plugin for nearly every client site I develop in WordPress. It’s one of my ‘default’ plugins I install on a new site nowadays. So this means I have used it a fair bit. From all this experience I have built my own Add-on plugin which adds the ability to map a form to a custom post type and also link form fields to custom taxonomies. It is simply named Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types and you can download it for from the plugin repository.

Why You Should Care?

There are a ton of new features that you have to check out. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Multi Page Forms
    Split long forms into multiple pages or steps.
  • Pricing Fields
    Create quotes or order forms. And also integrates with the Paypal add-on.
  • Textarea Character Counter
    Easily limit the number of characters and include a visual counter.
  • CSS Ready Classes (awesome!!)
    Create multi column form layouts, or display checkbox options in 3 columns, among others.
  • Default Notifications
    All  new forms by default send a notification to admin
  • ShortCode Support
    Notifications now support shortcodes for extra customization.
  • New Hooks And Filters (This is my favourite!)
    A variety of new hooks and filters have been added. Check out the documentation.
  • Support For New Add-Ons
    New Paypal Addon and User registration add-ons

What Are You Waiting For?

Read about the new version on the Gravity Forms Blog. And if you don’t already, go and get yourself a copy of the plugin!

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John Galt
John Galt

I came across your page while trying to figure out how to apply my theme's CSS to a Gravity Form. I am too much of a newbie to understand exactly what your plugin does. Does your plugin help assign a CSS style to a form?


Hi, I've got GravityForms and recently updated to 1.5. I just learned of your cool add-on, so I decided to give it a try, but although I've activated this plugin, I don't see the new options on the advanced tab for each field.

Any idea why?

Dustin Hartzler
Dustin Hartzler

Great post. I didn't even know this plugin existed. I've always used contact form 7. Excited to try this Plugin on my next site.

themergency moderator

@John Galt There are some built in CSS styles that come with GF called "Ready Classes". These allow you to alter the layout of your form more than style how it looks. Example : place 2 fields on 1 line or have 3 checkbox options in a row. The reason for the plugin was just to allow an easy way to include the built in styles without having to remember them by name.

In order to style your form to match your theme, you need to alter (or add to) your styles.css


Hi Sam,

It only works with the dropdown, radio button and checkbox fields. Which fields are you using in your form?


John Galt
John Galt

@themergency themergency, than you for your reply. I guess I misunderstood the Gravity Forms instructions. I thought that I needed to copy one of the CSS class names from my theme's CSS styles file and paste it into the "CSS Class Name" field found in my form's "Form Settings" section. I have spent the past two hours trying to find the correct snipet of CSS but so far I have not been able to get a single thing to change on my form. I guess I should go to be and try again in the morning when I can think more clearly. This is all so new to me and my head is just spinning try to learn CSS and Wordpress at the same time.