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FooTable WordPress Plugin Released


After we released the FooTable jQuery plugin (which is also available from GitHub), we had no idea it would become so popular. So the next obvious progression was to create a WordPress plugin, and it is now available for free from the plugin repo.

We tried to keep it as simple as possible, and the settings allow you to target specific tables in your site. We also didn’t want you to have to add the required data-attributes to your table headers, so with some clever “hackery” it is all done for you. You just need to make sure your most important columns are first in the table.

Here are some screenshots from the settings page:

  • Check out the FooTable Homepage
  • Download and inspect the jQuery source on Github
  • Download the free WordPress plugin

Do You Need More?

We are planning to offer a paid version of this plugin at our upcoming WordPress Plugin Marketplace. You should subscribe to the mailing list to stay in the loop!


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This plugin looks very interesting, good job! Would it be possible to fix the filtering mechanism, I noticed that the filtering is applied to the entire row which means you can type class=" in the input filter and no rows will be eliminated from the table. Thank you