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FooTable V2

FooTable V2 Released


It has taken months of work, but the FooTable jQuery Plugin V2 is now officially released. If you do not know what FooTable is, then simply put: FooTable is a jQuery plugin that makes your HTML tables responsive.

FooTable V2

A lot has changed in V2 and here is a summary:

Bootstrap Love

I chose to rather go with a Bootstrap default theme in V2, which makes it much easier to customize. You can still get the old theme if you want, but that is now a separate CSS file.

  • Gettings started demo (uses default Bootstrap theme)
  • Metro theme demo
  • Old FooTable theme demo

Demos & Docs

I paid most attention to the demos and docs with this release. The documentation is now built into the demos so you can see it in action and read how it works. I am really proud of the docs and I hope you find them useful.

Icon Fonts

Bye bye images, hello icon fonts. The toggle buttons and sorting icons now use icon fonts. This allows for better customization, and also has a smaller footprint in terms of data that the user has to download. Check out the icon styles demo to see them all in action.

Improved Events

FooTable now has a number of events that you can hook into. The beauty about some of them now, is that you can override an event and cancel if you need to. Think about loading tables via AJAX, where you control the sorting or filtering on the server. Being able to override the events is sometimes crucial.

  • FooTable events demo
  • Event interception demo

Improved API

One of the major pain points when using FooTable was not being able to call the underlying FooTable functions after the plugin was initialized. FooTable core, together with the available add-on’s now expose an easy way to call their functions. You can now force the table to resize, sort by a specific column, filter the table etc all in your jQuery code. Check out the following demos and read up on the docs tab to see more about these API’s:

  • FooTable API demo
  • Sorting add-on demo
  • Filtering add-on demo
  • Paging add-on demo

Another thing you can now do really easily is add or remove rows via a few methods on the FooTable API. Check out the Add / Remove demo to see this in action.

WordPress Plugin

The WordPress plugin has also been updated to use the latest FooTable jQuery code. There are also some improvements and cool features which I will highlight in a future post.

Quick Links

  • FooTable Homepage
  • GitHub Repo
  • Demo Showcase
  • WordPress Plugin
  • WordPress GitHub Repo




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  • FAQ

Help needed. We are using FooTable to manage user roles with check boxes to set permissions for CRUD operations. However, we could not able to sync both expanded as well as responsive tables data with the updated checkbox checked status.


Can we have nested grid feature in footable..means in jqgrid we have subgrid that.


Brilliant work. I'm working on including this in a big WP plugin I'm developing. I'll be sure to keep all your copyright headers in tact! :)


Initial question: is it possible to limit the number of page numbers displayed at any one time? Like, first five, ... last five?


I did manage to adapt it so the pagination disappears if it's not greater than 1. Other than that, it's a little beyond me.


Again, brilliant stuff. Thanks for your time.

Mason Shewman
Mason Shewman

This is a great solution, thank you! Easily the most thorough and user-friendly option for responsive data tables that I've seen. Have you given any thought to Infinity Scrolling as an add-on? Just a thought. Again, thanks for putting this out there. Fantastic work!


Awesome.  I'm getting a: 

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in /wp-content/plugins/footable/includes/admin_settings.php on line 27

themergency moderator

 @Mason Shewman Hey Mason - glad you like it :)


So do you mean using infinity scrolling rather than paging with tables with a lot of data?


That would be a cool add-on for sure! I must look more into that pattern

themergency moderator

 @iphoenix This bug has been fixed in an update - sorry about that


 @themergency Thanks.  FooTable is totally awesome btw, I've tried all the table plugins and this one is awesome.


Ones suggestion, the options for paginating and sorting seem to be accross the board.


If I add this code to my template file


I get two pagination rows.  If I turn it off in admin I get none.  I'd be curious to see if you could have the option to turn items like this on and off where you want when you want.



@Mason Shewman @themergency Can we have nested grid feature in footable..means in jqgrid we have subgrid that.

themergency moderator

 @iphoenix thanks for finding this bug. I have updated the github repo with a fix :


Please can you confirm it works and then I will push the change to