10 Developer Chrome Extensions I Use

I use Chrome when developing websites, whether it’s javascript or WordPress plugins. And I use a handful of Chrome Extensions daily to help me out along the way. Here are some extensions I use that you might also find useful:

Postman - REST Client

Website | Install | Github Repo

Postman has to be the best Chrome extension in existance. I cannot stress enough how useful this tool is. I use it daily to test my REST API responses. If you write API’s you need this tool!


Window Resizer


When developing plugins or themes in the “Responsive Age”, you need to easily test how your design will adapt to different screen sizes. Store the screen sizes you use test the most, and easily switch between sizes with this very handy extension.


Xdebug Helper


A must have extension for any PHP developer that uses XDebug to profile, trace and step-through code. I use this every day to toggle debugging on or off for my WordPress plugins.

User-Agent Switcher


Want to know how a site will respond to a different user-agent string? Look no further than this plugin. Change to an iPhone or Tablet with 2 clicks.

Encoder / Decoder

Install | Github Repo

Dealing with URL’s and HTML in web dev is a daily task. This is my own little extension that makes it a breeze to encode or decode both URL’s and HTML content.

Query String Values


Easily inspect the current query string values of a site. Used in conjuction with my Encode / Decoder can save a lot of time.




View your JSON documents in an accessible and syntax highlighted format. Mmmmm, pretty JSON.

Edit This Cookie


Manage all cookies for a website with ease. You can add, delete, edit, search, protect and block cookies.




A small lorem ipsum text generator so you can quickly fill a demo site with arbitrary content.



Eyedropper, color picker and CSS gradient generator. I mainly use it to get a color reading from an element within a site I am visiting.