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WYSIWYG fields in Gravity Forms


Gravity Forms is awesome! And a lot of people agree. With over 360,000 installations, that is a giant user base. And for a user base so big, you have to be careful how you role out new features. This is the case for adding WYSIWYG functionality. Alot of people have been asking for the Rocket Genius guys to add a WYSIWYG field like the WordPress content editor, so forms can capture HTML. And if you use Gravity Forms to capture custom post types, then this feature becomes even more of a must-have.

They plan to add this into a future release, but until such time, I decided to give it a try. One thing I have to admit, is that Gravity Forms is really easy to customize. The developers did a great job in adding dozens of custom actions and filters to make my life so much easier, so big kudos to the developers.

I put together a small plugin that adds a new WYSIWYG field under the standard fields section.

The plugin also adds an “enable WYSIWYG” checkbox under the post body field, so that can turn into a WYSIWYG too. Needless to say, I have tested this plugin with my other Gravity Forms + Custom Post Type plugin and they play nicely.

So if you ever wanted to add WYSIWYG fields to your forms, give the plugin a try. But please be nice, this is just a first draft v0.1 beta and I am sure there will be some issues and conditions I have not thought of.

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For some reason, the "Visual" tab displays on another line from the "HTML" tag in the Canvas theme from WooThemes. I wish I could send you a screen shot, but from what I can tell using Firebug, there appears to be a "<br>" tag between the Visual <a> and the HTML <a>, which causes the tabs to offset instead of line up beside each other.


Can we use it to write formatted data to custom fields through Gravity Forms too??