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WordPress Weekly Roundup May 30 - June 5



Zendesk for WordPress

The popular ticket support system Zendesk (used by big guys such as Twitter and Groupon) have released a WordPress plugin to integrate your blog with your Zendesk ticket system. The magic is done using the Zendesk REST API, and allows you to do a number of things including manage tickets from within WordPress, as well as converting comments directly into Zendesk tickets! Read more about the plugin on the Zendesk blog, or download and try it direct from Also, read more about it on

How to Add Your Plugin to the WordPress Plugin Directory

WPbeginner runs you through an awesome post on how to add your plugin to the plugin repo. It takes you through the benefits of using the public repo, creating a readme.txt file and also a basic introduction to Subversion source control. This is a must read for any beginner WordPress plugin authors out there.



Elegant Themes have released another awesome looking theme named Feather. It has a simple layout, but a beautiful and elegant look. Check out the demo and the features page.


Webdevstudios released a new free theme on the theme repository called Billions. The theme’s focus is financial bloggers, and contains some really cool options for SEO, social sharing and customization.


The Google +1 Button And WordPress

There has been a frenzy of interest lately about Google’s +1 button, so here are some articles relating to adding the +1 button to your WordPress site:

  • Do It With WordPress have a cool step-by-step tutorial on how it add it.
  • WPBeginneralso have a great post to help you Do-It-Yourself.
  • Yoast blogs about tracking the +1 button interaction in Google Analytics.
  • Google +1 for WordPress plugin @ CodeCanyon ($5).

WordPress Business Models

Mashable lists 7 ways to build a successful business around WordPress. They go through each model, describing how it works and also give real-life examples. A great post to see how many ways you can make a living using WordPress.

Build A Media Site On WordPress

Jonathan Wold (via Smashing Magazine) takes you through an exceptionally detailed tutorial on how to create a media site using Custom Post Types within WordPress : How To Build A Media Site On WordPress (Part 1). (he also mentions our Custom Post Type Generator :) ) This is a great post to read if you are wanting to take WordPress to the next level and need a step-by-step guide.

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