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WordPress Weekly Roundup May 23 - 29



bbPress Released as a WordPress Plugin

Kevin Muldoon from blogged about the well known forum software bbPress and the fact that it is now a WP plugin : This is awesome news if you have ever wanted to install a forum in your WP site and couldn’t figure out which one to use (as there are quite a few to choose from). The fact that well known WP devs are actively developing and supporting this new plugin means it will probably be the de-facto forum plugin to use going forward.


Turn your WP site into a questions and answers site with the Q&A plugin from We have looked into building a Q&A site before, but this plugin was not around back then. This is the description from

Q&A allows any WordPress site to have a fully featured questions and answers section - just like StackOverflow, Yahoo Answers, Quora and more…except better :)

This is the free version and there is also PRO version with a few extra features. Check it out!


Another great creation from Instantly turn your site into a Wiki using this fully featured free plugin. The description from the plugin page:

WordPress Wiki Lite transforms your WordPress website into a fully functional wiki or add wiki pages to your WordPress blog.

There is also a pro version of the plugin available with some extra features.

Conditional Widgets

Fans of plugins like Widget Logic will really appreciate this new plugin : Conditional Widgets. It allows you to only show certain widgets on certain pages, but what makes it better than its predecessors, is that you don’t need to know the WordPress template tags in order to apply your custom logic. The description of this plugin :

This plugin adds a form to each widget on the Widgets panel which allows users to choose which pages and/or categories the widget is either displayed on or hidden from.
For each widget, you can choose criteria to either SHOW or HIDE the widget, based on a number of categories. The interface is quite intuitive, and requires no knowledge of php or conditional tags.

If you only want to show widgets on certain pages, or require your clients to make those decisions themselves, then you must check out this intuitive plugin. also wrote a blog post about it.


“Powered By” Theme

Ian stewart has a very detailed post entitled Powering Your Design With WordPress, where he talks about creating WordPress themes, where to find other themes and how he built his free “Powered By” theme. A very detailed post and a must read for theme developers out there. You can also download his cool new Powered By theme at the end of the post. I recommend you follow Ian immediately!


TinyMCE Editor Styles

Joost de Valk blogs about a little known feature released in WP 3.0 : TinyMCE editor styles. He explains how to modify your theme to allow for custom editor styles. This mainly helps with authors, as they get to see a better reflection of how the published post will look, as they are editing it within the WYSIWYG.

Custom Post Type Generator

Our CPT code generator was mentioned on a couple sites, including Justin Tadlock’s blog and also on Thanks to everyone for checking it out and blogging about it :)

Microsoft Thanks WordPress for Dropping IE6

Microsoft thanks WordPress for dropping IE6 support in a post on their IE blog entitled Thank you, WordPress! Who’s Next?. This was following the news that WordPress will be dropping support for IE6.

WordPress 3.1.3 Released

Version 3.1.3 was released, including security enhancements and fixes. Read about it or download it. Please upgrade your blogs ASAP.

WordPress 3.2 Beta 2 Available

The same post from above also talks about the availability of 3.2 Beta 2, which is looking awesome! I am loving the new admin interface. A few notable things to mention in this release : jQuery 1.6.1 is now bundled (WOOT!) and Google Chrome Frame is now supported in the admin. Download and play now!

WordPess Turns 8!

WPCandy blogs about WordPress celbrating its 8th birthday. 45 million sites and counting! WOW!

Happy birthday #WordPress! Only 8 years old and already powering over 45 million websites online!!
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