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WP Weekly Roundup 6-12 June

WordPress Weekly Roundup June 6 - 12




Do you move WordPress sites around a lot or do you hate moving a local site into your live environment? If yes, then you gonna love the Duplicator plugin. The Duplicator plugin allows you to easily packing your whole site and database and then install it on another location. Great if you want to pull a live site down to your local PC for testing. Read more in this blog post.


Finally, a nice and simple WYSIWYG widget plugin! Exactly the same as the default text widget, except when you click in the textarea it pops up the WYSIWYG editor so you can add HTML and media, exactly like you can with a post or page. This is a must have for making it easier for clients to edit their own widgets. Read more on the author’s site.

How to write a WordPress plugin i’ll use

Mark Jaquith blogs about the best practices you should use when writing a WordPress plugin. One of his points really struck home with me : Fewer features as a feature. I recommend all WP plugin authors read this post immediately!

How to Support Plugins

Ipstenu has an excellent post about supporting your WordPress plugins. Supporting plugins can be a time consuming and soul destroying job. I know this, as supporting Twitter Blackbird Pie takes a lot of time and effort. Plugin authors, please read this post, as it reminds you why you write plugins in the first place, and also brings in a nice user perspective too (which we sometimes forget about).



DevPress relaunch with a new premium theme : Visual. As the name suggests, the themes is focused around photo blogging, but it has an awesome social networking twist, as it supports and integrates nicely with the BuddyPress plugin (obviously it is optional to use the BuddyPress features ). Read more about it from the DevPress blog. And priced at $30, it is well worth it!


Smashing Magazine posted about a new free WordPress theme : Yoko. It uses HTML5 and CSS3 (fallback for IE < 9) and has a responsive layout, so if you view it on a large desktop screen or your iPad, it looks great. Read more about it from the developer’s site, or just download it! (I think I might change to use this theme)


The Ultimate Functions.php Resource

WPShout has an awesome roundup of code snippets to use within your functions.php for a variety of different scenarios. The one I like the most is the code snippet for “Remove update nag for inactive plugins”.

I found this little gem last week. sends out a concise, weekly roundup of WordPress resources, news and articles. I recommend you sign up now!

Custom Taxonomy Code Generator

We released our second code generator, which is aimed at custom taxonomies. With this wizard driven form (created in the excellent Gravity forms) you can quickly and easily generate the code needed for registering a custom taxonomy. Simply follow the steps, customize the code if needed, and then copy the code into your function.php file. Try it out!

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