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WP Weekly Roundup

WordPress Weekly Roundup June 20-26




A review of little known backup plugin called Updraft. It’s free for download from the plugin repo, so check it out.

WPCandy’s The Daily Plugin

  • Monday 20th : Date In A Nice Tone
  • Tuesday 21st : Login Logo
  • Wednesday 22nd : Expandable Dashboard Recent Comments
  • Thursday 23rd : Widgets Reloaded
  • Friday 24th : CollabPress
  • Saturday 25th : Comment Form Quicktags
  • Sunday 26th : Post Revision Display



Justin Tadlock released a new theme based on his Hybrid Core Framework named Trending. also did a small review of the new theme.


3.2 RC 2

Release candidate 2 of WP 3.2 has been released. This means the official release is days away! Yippeeee! I suppose I better start testing all my plugins :)

10 Things You Need To Know About WordPress 3.2

An awesome overview of 3.2 and what it has in store. So far I’m looking forward most to the new admin UI tweaks and the new default theme.

Custom Admin Screens Are The Worst

Ryan chats about how most premium themes and plugins use their own custom options pages, instead of using the built-in settings API that comes standard with WordPress. These custom options pages are doing a disservice to the WP community, and the quicker they die, the better IMHO.

Social Buttons

Joost gives a great walkthrough on how he implemented his social buttons on his site He also goes into some details on how to enable tracking on the buttons too. I can see a plugin being made for this.

Essential Tasks To Perform After Installing WordPress

So you have just loaded a new installation of WordPress. What to do now? Well this post runs you through 8 common steps that you should probably follow after a new WP install.


and that’s it for this week…

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