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WP Weekly Roundup 13-19 June

WordPress Weekly Roundup June 13 - 19



All In One SEO Pack to WordPress SEO Migration

Joost gives a walkthrough on how to migrate your blog from using the All-in-one SEO plugin to his WordPress SEO plugin. Looks like a super simple process to follow, and I definitely need to take the time to do this on! Also regarding his WordPress SEO plugin, Joost chats about Archive SEO, and why you should archive your posts by topic and not date.

The Daily Plugin

The guys over at have started a new feature on their site called The Daily Plugin, where Ryan features a new WordPress plugin every day and records a short video about it, and how the plugin is used. Very useful and informative!

Start A Website Now : Install Plugins

A new site dedicated to showing you how easy it is to start your own site, aptly named : Start A Website Now, has a great resource on some of the best plugins to install on your new WordPress site. Check it out!


10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes

The guys at have a nice roundup post of 10 WordPress themes that are responsive (responsive websites respond to the device upon which they are viewed). Responsive web design should be the standard going forward for all theme authors out there. Some very cool themes listed.


WordPress 3.2 Release Candidate

Everyone should know by now that the release candidate of WordPress 3.2 is out. This means the final release is almost here! Download the release candidate and start playing. Also, check out Konstantin’s post about the release candidate, which includes a bunch of screenshots to show off the new features in 3.2.

WordPress and Ajax Free Ebook

The guys over at have decided to release their awesome ebook for free. It used to be a paid-for-product but they have decided to give back to the community and it is now totally free. Download it now!

An In-Depth Look at the Dashboard Widgets API

Sawyer from has a great article looking at the dashboard widgets API in WordPress. From removing the default widgets to creating advanced widgets with configurable settings, this is a great post to read if you are interested in creating your own widgets within your own themes or plugins. Check it out.

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