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WordPress Developer Advent Calendar


I have been a bad blogger! I just don’t post often enough. But it’s my own fault, as I often put off the blog writing, and rather write code. So I want to change that this festive season. I am going to finally make up for all the months (actually years) of bad blogging and give a little back to everyone who follows this sorry-excuse-for-a-blog. Introducing the WordPress Developer Advent Calendar!

WordPress Developer Advent Calendar

I will be posting something new every day, for the next 25 days, leading up to Christmas. This will be my own little WordPress advent calendar, but focused towards WordPress developers like myself. You can expect the following goodies:

  • code snippets
  • tips / time-savers
  • useful tools that I use daily
  • links to awesome resources / libraries I find useful
  • contribute back to open source projects

I want to focus on things that you might not already know about. I want to share code that I have written but have never told anyone about. I want to surprise you with goodies that make you say “oooh, that could be useful”, or “I always wanted to code that”. I don’t want this to become a bunch or posts linking to other posts or tutorials. If I do link to another resource, it means that resource is amazing and I will also include code examples of how I used it.

Public Declaration

I need to put this out there, to force myself to follow through and actually post a goodie everyday. This is mainly for myself, but I feel that if I do not declare this publicly, then it will never happen.

I, Brad Vincent, solemnly declare, that I will post to the WordPress Developer Advent Calendar every day for the next 25 days!

Give Me Ideas Please!

Seeing as I only thought of this last night (Nov 30th!!!), means it’s going to be a bit of challenge to come up with great content. I have quite a bit of stuff already planned, but it will be nice to get some suggestions from the community. Comment on this post if you have any ideas please!

Advent Calendar Table Of Contents

Each day I will update this table of contents with every post.

  1. WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Generator
  2. Debug Like A Boss With Debug Bar
  3. Setup Post Relationships In Your Plugins With Posts 2 Posts
  4. Add Metaboxes To Your Plugins With CMB
  5. 10 Developer Chrome Extensions I Use
  6. Check Minimum PHP and WordPress Versions
  7. Translate Your Plugins With Poedit Pro
  8. WordPress Gallery Wrapper
  9. Advanced Content Creation In WordPress With Pods
  10. WordPress Coding Standards
  11. Store Plugin Settings As Single Option
  12. WordPress Plugin Developer Security Tips
  13. Make Your WordPress Plugins Extensible
  14. How To Contribute Code To WordPress
  15. Plugin Auto Updates From Github
  16. Grunt For WordPress Developers
  17. Template File Loader Class
  18. Featured Image Metabox Customization
  19. Master The WordPress Cron
  20. WordPress REST API
  21. Add Device-Specific Class Names To Body Tag
  22. Dashicons Picker jQuery Plugin
  23. WordPress Admin Color Scheme Generator
  24. WordPress Zip Generator Class