Twitter @Anywhere WordPress Plugin


We have just launched our first WordPress Plugin which encompasses the Twitter @Anywhere functionality that was recently announced by Twitter.

The plugin brings twitter to your site and allows you to view user profiles of twitter user names on your site, as well as allowing you to tweet directly from your site.

To use the plugin you need to have a Twitter API which you can easily sign up for at

Plugin Features

The plugins also supports the following @Anywhere features:

  • Either “Linkify” or “Hovercard” Twitter usernames in your blog.
  • Override the selector used to linkify
  • Override the CSS class name used for auto-linkification.
  • Ability to add a follow button with a shortcode.
  • Ability to add a tweet box with a shortcode. You can specify %title% and %url% as default content to automatically pre-populate the tweet box with your post information. If %url% is used, then is used to shorten the post’s url.


The plugin allows you use shortcodes within your posts to enable the @Anywhere functionality


You can download the Twitter @Anywhere plugin by Themergency from

Live Examples

live example of the follow button:

live example of the tweetbox:

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Your examples in this page are currently broken! I'm interested to see the functionality, so hopefully you can fix this soon :)

Hey Aaron - thanks for letting me know - i had the plugin disabled! DOH! It should be fine again now :)

great experience, dude! thanks for this great post wow... it's very wonderful report.

great share, great article, very usefull for me...thank


Plugin looks great. All the best with your new startup!

Good job. I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

One again, your article is very nice


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