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Social Network Share Link Formats

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While developing FooBox, we needed a way to generate the share links to a number of different social networks. We used simple token-based templates for each network and then used javascript to replace the tokens with actual values. So I thought it would be useful to group all the info I had learned into a single place so you can create your own social share links.

Supported Social Networks


Facebook has two methods of sharing. The simpler option is to use the link “Sharer”, but their newer “Feed Dialog” option offers more customization, but on the other hand, requires a Facebook App ID.
Facebook Feed Dialog vs. Share Link Dialog is a great article explaining the differences between the two methods.


Feed Dialog:{app_id}&link={url}&picture={img}&name={title}&description={desc}&redirect_uri={redirect_url}




Linked In{url}&title={title}







URL Arguments

Argument Description Used By
{url} The url you want to share (encoded) All
{img} The image/thumbnail to use when sharing Most
{title} The page title of the url you want to share Most
{desc} A longer description of the content you are sharing Most
{app_id} The App ID Facebook
{redirect_url} The url a sharer will be redirected to after a successful share Facebook
{via} optional Twitter username of content author (don’t include “@”) Twitter
{hashtags} optional Hashtags appended onto the tweet (comma separated. don’t include “#”) Twitter
{provider} Company who is sharing the url Delicious
{is_video} If the content is a video or not Pinterest

Also Available On GitHub

I created a GitHub repo to store all the share links and this info. It makes sense to put it on GitHub, so that it can evolve and change over time and others can contribute too.

Link Generator

Included in the repo is a link generator that lets you easily generate the social links from a couple of fields. Try it out below:


Image :

Title :

Description :

FaceBook App Id :

FaceBook Redirect Url :

Twitter Via :

Twitter Hastags :

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