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R.I.P. Old Plugins


Today, I got an auto-generated mail from to update my plugins to be compatible with WordPress 3.9. I am so glad they have started sending out these notifications, because it got me thinking about all my plugins (15 and counting now):

Update old plugins


I Can No Longer Maintain Them All

It comes down to the simple fact : I cannot maintain this many free plugins going forward. And to make it worse, some do not even work anymore! And some have not been updated in over 2 years and have this message when I view them on the repo:

Plugin Not Updated In Ages!


It is not fair to the community and it is also not fair to myself. I kept telling myself that I will update them and get them working again, but the reality is I just do not have time to maintain them any longer.  So enough is enough! As of today, I am retiring some of these plugins:

Post Admin Shortcuts

Description: This plugin allows you to easily ‘pin’ posts, pages and custom post types. When you pin a post a shortcut link appears in the post menu.

Downloads: 1,114.

Last Updated: Dec 2010!

I still love the idea of this plugin, but I think the name was confusing to most would-be users. That is why I renamed it and rewrote it from the ground up as Admin Bookmarks.

Show Hidden Custom Fields

Description: Makes hidden custom fields visible when editing a post.

Downloads: 1,709.

Last Updated: Sep 2010!

This was a little plugin that was born out of necessity at the time. I needed to view hidden custom fields on a post. I have not used it in over 4 years and it no longer even works. There is a replacement plugin that does exactly the same thing except that one works : Show Hidden Post Meta. So going forward I will use that if I need to.

Google Pac-Man

Description: Embed a Pac-Man mini game into your blog post with the shortcode [pacman].

Downloads: 3,457.

Last Updated: Sep 2010!

This was just a fun plugin to insert a little pac-man game into your site. It was ripped off from a Google homepage doodle when Pac-Man celebrated it’s 30th anniversary a few years back. Fun, but useless plugin. Goodbye!

Twitter Blackbird Pie

Description: Add awesome looking embedded HTML representations of actual tweets in your blog posts just by adding simple shortcodes.

Downloads: 51,721.

Last Updated: Jan 2012!

This was very hard for me to retire. This plugin started my WordPress career and is the reason why I got into WordPress plugin development. But I need to look past the nostalgia and face reality. Tweet oEmbeds (which is now built into WordPress core) makes this plugin redundant. Oh yes, and it does not even work anymore! Ever since Twitter updated their API to require oAuth to authenticate, Twitter Blackbird Pie could no longer embed new tweets. So this begs the question: how come people are still downloading it? 8 downloads from yesterday alone!? Another reason why I need to take this plugin down - it’s misleading users.

There is nothing worse then finding a plugin on the repo, installing it, only to find out it does not work as expected. That makes me rage! So why put other WordPress users through the same thing with my plugins? When I finally realized this fact, I knew it was time to kill these off.

May their old, outdated code rest in peace!

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What about Gravity Forms CSS Ready Class Selector ??


What about Gravity Forms + custom post type. It doesn't work anymore… :(


Hey what about your premium plugins??? I just purchased Content Editor Templates, and went to ask a question yesterday but it's gone from themeforest.

Adam W. Warner
Adam W. Warner

It's always good to review and streamline in all parts of life, as hard as it is sometimes. Now I'm off to clean the garage and move that damn umbrella!


I think it would also be a good plan to write and have them remove the plugins from the repo so new people don't find them.  Thoughts?

themergency moderator

@ScottHack  that is what I did to "retire" them - now just awaiting the plugins team


Good decision, Brad. Wish more developers would review their old and dying plugins and make similar choices.