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Pre Launch Go Live

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Welcome To

What Does ‘Pre Launch Go Live’ Mean?

Good question. We found ourselves stalling from launching because we were trying to get everything perfect. In fact, we found ourselves stalling so often, that it never seemed like we were going to launch at all, so after a bit of reading we came up with a new plan. The plan was to go live before we are ready to launch. This immediately rings the WTF bells  because it can be a bad thing for a few reasons:

  1. Visitors might see the site as incomplete or ‘empty’.
  2. It might give the impression that we are not professional (which we aren’t by the way)

BUT, we are hoping that this plan will have a few positive outcomes:

  1. We get started sooner.
  2. You give us feedback and guide us on this journey. (You talk - We listen)
  3. We start building relationships before we launch so that when we actually DO LAUNCH, a lot more people will know about it.
  4. We also want to share how we did everything on - from setting up our site to choosing a host to deciding what plugins to use to finding the right theme. We want to share our trials and tribulations with the public so that you might learn from our mistakes (hopefully there won’t be many).

We also think this plan is quite unique, and we wanted to try something new. You never know what could come from this - maybe it will start a new online trend where new sites are going live left, right and centre before they are ready to launch. Imagine the chaos!

Who We Are

We are Marc and Brad and we are WordPress fanatics. We are not ninja WordPress developers (YET!) but we really love the platform and we think that it has made a HUGE impact in the internet so far as we know it. We also believe that it will have a long and healthy life going forward. [Developer side note : always align yourself with a technology that you can guarantee will have a long lifespan.]

Yet Another WordPress Theme Site

Oh hell no!! What is the point of bringing out yet another WordPress theme site when there are already so many good ones out there. We will definitely still review themes that we think are worthy of your time, but that is not our main focus. Our main focus is something that we will leave you guessing about until our actual launch date. And in between we want to supply the community with nuggets of useful information that will make their lives easier.

How We Make Money’s number one priority is and always will be the community. BUT, we still have to pay the bills somehow, and we achieve this by using affiliate links. One thing we do not want to do is fill our site with pay per click advertising, as that just makes the site fugly. We will NEVER promote a theme or plugin just for the sake of promoting it in order to get affiliate sales. We look at each theme release individually and will only promote it on the site if we feel that it fulfills our internal checklist and it is of a certain high quality.

Join In The Fun

So we hope you will join us on this new journey of ours. We are hella excited!

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All the best for your new launch. Hope you get lot of success in blogosphere.