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Post Admin Shortcuts WordPress Plugin Ver 1.0 Released

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Version One Point Oh!

Our little known plugin Post Admin Shortcuts has been updated and is now at the official version 1.0 status! WOOT! You can read a bit about the plugin from our first post when we uploaded it to the plugin repo. The plugin allows you to pin posts to your admin menu so you can easily edit post and pages without having to search for them from a long list.

So What Has Changed?

Some bug fixes. Some code refactoring. Some UI enhancements. But the big change is that the plugin now supports ‘pinning’ pages and custom post types as well. It originally only worked on posts, but with the major uptake of custom post types, it seemed very necessary. I was also worried that the name of the plugin was confusing, so I created my first screencast (using which is awesome BTW!!) and you can view the plugin in action below:

Here are some screenshots too:

What Do You Think?

Please download the plugin and try it out. We would love to hear what you think. Has it helped you or saved you some time? If you feel the need then please donate some beer money :)

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