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Foobar Lite Notification Bars

Current version 1.1
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The Foobar is a cool notification / alert bar that sits at the top of the page and draws in the visitor’s attention.


  • A cool notification bar at the top of your site that draws the attention of the visitor
  • Options to set the message text, height and speed of the Foobar
  • Options to customize the background, text and link colors to match your theme
  • See a preview of the Foobar within the admin
  • Advanced options to help troubleshoot issues

Online demo of the full version:

This plugin is a lite version of the Foobar Notification Plugin. The full version has many more features including fixed, inline and BOTTOM foobars; custom HTML on left and right; unlimited Foobars; different Foobars per page; rebrandable name; social buttons area; multiple messages in the Foobar; load tweets or RSS feed; conditional logic for special rules to show the foobar; and many more!


Latest version: Download Foobar Lite Notification Bars v1.1 [zip]


  1. Upload the plugin folder ‘foobar-lite’ to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Alter how your Foobar looks from the settings page


Q. Can this plugin do more?
A. Yes, if you want more features, more options and multiple Foobars then get the full version.



  • Fixed bugs with settings page
  • Moved dynamic JS and CSS to inline


  • Initial Relase. First version.
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