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New Blackbird Pie Version Released


version 0.4 of blackbirdpie #WordPress plugin committed to SVN!
March 3 8:48 pm via HootSuiteReplyRetweetFavorite

I have finally finished my testing and released version 0.4 of the BlackbirdPie WordPress Plugin.

New Features

  • Fixed tweets in RSS feed readers!!! They now look great!
  • Created a custom filter ‘bbp_create_tweet‘ that you can now use to override the HTML of the embedded tweet from your theme or plugin
  • Only the data that is used to display the tweet is saved in a custom post field, not the whole json response from the twitter API
  • Most styles moved to be inline. This solves the RSS feed issues!
  • Tweet and user links now point to the new hashbang (#!) urls
  • Extensive code cleanup with some help from #plugindevbook
  • Refactored the tweet output HTML completely!

What to do next?

Visit our new plugin page
See a demo of the plugin
Visit the plugin page on
Download ver 0.4 from

Please test it and post any issues on the forum or comment here.

If you like this plugin and would like to see more future development, please consider donating :)

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