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Medialoadr - The ulitimate Mac & WordPress app


One of the biggest pains for me when using WordPress is the uploading of images for posts, especially when you need to do a bulk upload. The uploading interface is simple, but it can sometimes take ages to upload, and often leaves me frustrated.

Enter Medialoadr (Mac App Store link - $4.99). The awesome Mac OSx app, that allows you to simply drag & drop your images, and upload them to your WordPress site. The Medialoadr interface is so simple to use, all you do is drag your images to the Medialoadr icon in your task bar, and it starts uploading them. As easy as that !!

From the Medialoadr site:

medialoadr is a lightweight application for OS X that allows you to upload multiple files to any of your WordPress powered websites. Simply drag your files from Finder or drop a zip folder onto the menubar icon, choose your account and watch as the files upload to your chosen account without needing to open your favourite browser.

Get the App

The app costs $4.99 and can be downloaded from the Mac App Store. You can also get more info about the app, including a free, lighter version from Medialoadr’s site.

Medialoadr Giveaway

We also have 2 app store codes to give away so you can download the app for free.  To win one of the codes:


  1. Tweet about this giveaway
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  3. Leave a comment below linking back to the tweet

A random winner will be chosen on the 20 May 2011 from the comments below and we will send you your app store code. Good Luck!!

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Cube O Doom

The emergency FTMFW!!!! Hopefully me and Tony Stark's very happy web developing brother will get an app store code :)

Just kidding about the Tony Stark comment Adam. Sometimes I just blurt out what I am thinking without regards to others feelings. This was indeed a compliment though as Tony Stark is a very good looking man. Not that I am attracted men, but I think we can all maintain our heterosexuality and agree that Tony Stark is not a burden to look at. I mean who wouldn't want to look at a happier, more intelligent looking version of Tony Stark? I, for one, have been staring at the face of an angel while typing this.

Anyways, I hope we win dude.

Adam W. Warner
Adam W. Warner

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bwhahaha! Funny comment. And equally funny name "Cube O Doom" :)