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Introducing Content Editor Templates for WordPress


Today our newest plugin has been released : Content Editor Templates for WordPress.

Why We Created This Plugin

While creating and maintaining many WordPress sites, we found that you often copy and paste content from old posts or pages into new posts, and then edit it slightly. I know page templates could be used to get around some of this, but sometimes you don’t want to play around with php files on the server and you just want a simple way to use some sort of reusable template or HTML snippet.

Also, sometimes your client have no idea what HTML is, and have no inclination to learn it either. We recently needed a client to create their own content pages which required quite complex HTML structures for pricing tables and lists of terms and condition. So using this plugin, we individually created the HTML structures as templates and showed the client how to add each template into the content editor. Once it was inserted into the editor, the client could then visually customize it to their heart’s content. They could add the template as many times as they liked to a single page, and not once did they have to switch to the HTML view.

Never Look at HTML Again!

The goal of this plugin is make sure your clients never see HTML in their WordPress admin again! But it also really reduces the time needed to create complex pages. If your pages are made up of similar blocks of markup, create a template and reuse it again and again with ease.

Win-Win Situation!

The client is happy because they don’t have to look at HTML code. You are happy because the site layout has not been destroyed by some broken HTML markup. You are both happy because either of you can add complex content pages with lightning speed.


It then became apparent that not only will you use templates within pages and edit them every time, but there are times when you have a piece of content that does not change. And for those times, you can insert a template using a shortcode.

Maybe it’s for your contact details, or maybe an address. The ‘Get in now’ button at the bottom of this page is actually a template inserted into this page using a shortcode. The reason is simple : the button appears a dozen times across a few pages on this site, but before the item was approved on CodeCanyon, I had no idea what the URL would be. So instead of finding and editing the HTML in a dozen places, all I needed to do was update the template once and it updated across the site! Now that feature alone makes this plugin worth it :)

Defaults Per Post Type

When working with custom post types, we often found each new post contained similar content. For example, products might have a short description followed by a pricing variations table. This can be stored as a template, and then setup as the default content when adding a new product every time. A major time saver indeed.

Check It Out!

Please go and check out the plugin, watch the video of it in action, and read the documentation. And of course…

Get it now


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hey! affirencontre, I think you are using a dose of ads from newspaper and updating it.. right ?



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Very interesting plugin. I am in particular thinking about the power of this plugin for real eastate sites. Users of such sites regulary add new adds. Using a template can be realy helpfull.