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So our Custom Post Type Code Generator has been out in the wild for a while now and has had some great feedback and responses. With over 2,500 custom post types generated to date, it seems to be quite a useful tool, so I have decided to carry on building similar generators. The next logical step : a custom taxonomy code generator.

Custom Taxonomies Generated!

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June 11 11:18 pm via HootSuiteReplyRetweetFavorite
Brad Vincent

It’s actually been live for a couple weeks now (see above tweet), but I wanted to get in some real testing before I officially posted about it. It is a lot simpler than the custom post type generator with a lot fewer fields to fill out.


We listened to your feedback from the CPT generator and have built in some features that you were asking for. For example, the text domain for the labels can now be set.

Built With…

Like it’s predecessor, this code generator would not have been possible without:

  1. The form built using Gravity Forms. 37 fields across 5 pages this time.
  2. jQuery TypeWatch plugin used to pre populate fields, aswell as some custom jQuery to pre populate the label fields which saves a crap load of typing.
  3. A custom WordPress plugin that does the code generation based on the form entry. (I am planning to do a post on how I achieved this, as it seems to be quite a useful solution)

Generate Away!

So go play around and generate your custom taxonomies. You know you want to :)

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Sounds interesting to me. Wordpress taxonomy code sounds new to me, I should probably try to check this out. Thanks for this great information.


Awesome tools! Any thoughts on doing one for meta boxes next?


The code generated from the generators doesn't seem to work if you choose to use advance capabilities.