Themergency fooplugins

FooPlugins is LIVE!


After months of work and late nights, fooplugins is finally live!

What is FooPlugins

FooPlugins is a plugin marketplace that brings together all the Foo branded plugins (together with other non Foo plugins) into a single site where all support, documentation, FAQ and demos now live. It is an E-commerce shop, running off Easy Digital Downloads, where you can add plugins to your cart and purchase online, all 100% secure.

Having a single place to release plugins will also make releasing new plugins in the future so much quicker. No need to setup another domain, emails, payment gateways, licenses, updates, support etc etc. FooPlugins has all the infrastructure and is ready to grow.

There are currently 8 plugins on FooPlugins. These include plugins for WordPress and jQuery, aswell as both Free and premium.

Who is behind FooPlugins

Obviously myself, but it would not have been possible without my partner in crime Adam Warner, who is actually promoting FooPlugins as we speak to the folks at WordCamp Miami (where we just so happen to be a silver partner).

What’s Next For FooPlugins

There is still a lot of work to be done. The most important being consolidating and moving all plugins to be hosted on fooplugins. At the moment, you still need to purchase FooBox from and you still need to purchase the FooBar plugins from CodeCanyon. This is the top priority for the next couple of weeks, and it will take a lot of work to keep all the existing customers and affiliates happy.

But that is definitely not all! We also have new plugins coming. We are planning to release a new plugin every month for the next 4 months.

Please Help

Please could you take a second out of your day and help us by tweeting or linking to FooPlugins. Or just simply share this post on your social networks and I will greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

Check It Out!

Head over to FooPlugins and check it out. We have a new plugin Social Wiggle which we are selling for a ridiculous opening special of only $1 - yes ONE dollar. That is only going to last this weekend, so get it now!

Also use the coupon code FOOCAMPERS to get a 33% discount.

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