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FooBox Updates And WordCamp San Diego


Version of FooBox has just been pushed out to the world, and there are some exciting new features which need to be mentioned:

Image protection

There is a setting that will now add built-in image protection to the images shown in the FooBox. This stops visitors from right-clicking on the images inside FooBox, and although we know this is not a full-proof method of preventing people from downloading your images, it does slow them down, and that is all that some site owners wanted.

Fullscreen Mode

One of the most requested features is the ability to take FooBox into a “fullscreen” mode where the padding around the image is removed so the image can be seen in all it’s glory. There are now a few settings to enable this. You can either force your FooBox into fullscreen mode all the time, or you can show the fullscreen button which toggles between normal and fullscreen mode. Check the gallery below to see the new fullscreen button in action:

Captions Fixed To Bottom

You can now also fix the image captions to the bottom of the screen so it does not overlap the image. Again, click on an image above to see this in action.

Only Show Captions On Hover

There is now a setting to only show the captions when you hover over the image. We have had this similar functionality for the social icons for quite a while now, and a lot of people wanted the same effect for both the social icons and the captions. And now you can!

FooPlugins At WordCamp San Diego

So you might have heard about FooPlugins. If not, it is our plugin marketplace that is going live in April. And to promote the launch and stir up a bit of hype, we are going to be at both WordCamp San Diego and WordCamp Miami (where we are actually a silver partner!). Our support guru Matt will be at San Diego and Matt and Adam will both be at the Miami WordCamp. Unfortunately I cannot make the WordCamps as I live a bit too far across the world. Maybe I will be there next year!

So to celebrate our new startup at the WordCamps, we are giving out a massive 33% discount on FooBox with the discount code FOOCAMPSAN. This discount is for a very limited time so go get your copy before this offer runs out!

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Nice one Brad. So stoked to see how Foo has grown. Amazing & Inspiring !!