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Foobar Notification Plugin Updated to v2.3.1


Foobar had a minor update this morning, but there are some cool features worth mentioning:

Now 100% SSL Compatible

The foobar scripts and CSS files were always being included correctly with https if the site was using SSL, however, the social icons and the google API files for RSS feeds were not going over https correctly. Your site then gave the irritating “some content is not secure” browser message. This has now been fixed, so EVERYTHING is over https!

Disable Foobar On Mobile Devices

Quite a few people have asked how to disable the foobar when viewing on a mobile browser, as it can take up too much real estate. There is now a setting under foobar settings that you can use to disable foobar from showing at all:


Pinterest Social Icon

Although you could always upload your own Pinterest icon for your social profiles, it is now included so you can select it directly from the popup:

CSS Conflicts Fixed

Some themes had the same class names that foobar was using. This caused some undesirable “effects” cropping up. We have changed the foobar CSS classnames to be more unique, so CSS conflicts should be a thing of the past.


check it out!


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