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FooBar - A jQuery Notification Plugin


I would like to introduce our latest Themergency creation:

FooBar - The Unobtrusive Notification Bar that doesn’t suck!

Basically, it is a jQuery plugin for adding a cool notification bar to your website. It sits at the top of the page and can be used to inform or announce specific info to site visitors. The collapsible bar can be used in unlimited scenarios, including displaying notifications, showing site announcements, product specials, competitions, giveaways, etc. Anything you can think of, really.

The FooBar helps you increase your social likes, followers etc, helps to promote your products and increase sales, and it helps with gaining more pageviews when used with the RSS feed options.

With over 30 options, the FooBar can be customized to look however you want.


  • collapsable bar to showcase certain content
  • super simple to setup and incorporate into your site
  • display inline or fixed
  • totally customizable appearance via options (or custom CSS )
  • includes 3 arrow button themes
  • 35+ options to help customize
  • Load an RSS feed (uses the Google feed API support)
  • showcase your social profiles
  • show the bar after a certain time delay
  • show the bar only when the page is scrolled

Buy It

Check out the FooBar page on CodeCanyon where you can buy the plugin for only $6! You can also see screenshots and view a live demo which showcases most of the plugin’s features.

Rate It

If you purchase the FooBar, please rate it on codecanyon and leave a comment with suggestions or issues.

We hope you like it!

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I am interested on buying this product, I am going to be displaying a

- CUSTOM HTML such as

<a class="youtube" title="???" href=""><img src="images/video.jpg" width="729" height="60" border="0" /></a> </div>


$(".youtube").colorbox({innerWidth:"640px", innerHeight:"380px", iframe:true, onOpen:function(){sspToggleDisplayMode();},onClosed:function(){sspToggleDisplayMode();$.fn.howdyDo.howdydoHide();}});

As you may know color box has a callback function "onClosed" and would like to close the bar automatically right after I closed color box I am currently using Howdydo Bar and I added a public function to have access to the closing function!

Can I modify the expiration time of the cookie?

Ebrahim Alizadeh

Hi and thaks my dear brother
I am using phplinkdirectory 4.1 and this CMS includ and work only with jquery-1.3.2.min.js and your uniq plugin loaded jquery1.6
Can be changed to work together with a jquery 1.3.2.
Please answer quickly Because I need this plugin.
sorry for my bad english


I came here thinking this was in some way related to the music player Foobar2000, but instead I found a pretty cool notification plugin.

I'm going to look into this more. I think I may have a few uses for this.


Hi there

I just tried it now and it works but with some limitations.

Firstly, more than 1 message does not work. Also long messages does not work.

If you want it for it's basic functionality, then it should work fine.

But i strongly recommend upgrading to at least jquery 1.4.4 and I know
it works just fine with that version of jquery.