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Foobar - A HelloBar Alternative



Everyone loves the HelloBar, including me. It is a great tool and the HelloBar site makes it super simple to implement a notification bar on your blog or website. But I have a few problems with the HelloBar:

  1. It’s too simple - I can only have 1 message with some text and a link
  2. It’s branded (unless you pay)
  3. Limited clicks (unless you pay)

Hello Foobar Notification Plugin

Here are a few reasons why I think you should consider using our Foobar plugin over the HelloBar.

Simple Or Complex

Display a simple message with a link if you like, or add 10 messages, a social profile section to the left and Facebook like and Tweet buttons to the right! Add any custom HTML you like to either the messages or the left or right side of the bar. Check out this demo page that includes everything!

Unlimited Messages

Display as many messages as you wish within a single Foobar. And each message can contain whatever HTML you like. This means a single message can contain multiple links etc.

Unlimited Styling

There are no limits to how you can style your Foobars. Choose colors, shadows, or just include custom CSS to get it to look perfect.

Also change the borders, heights, tab images, how long it takes until it shows, message display time. There are so many options!

Unlimited Foobars

Do you want to display different Foobars on your WordPress site? Well you can have as many as you like!

Set a default to show on all pages, but override the Foobar on certain pages if you wish.

Unlimited Clicks

For some reason, HelloBar limits the number of clicks on the single link it includes. Not Foobar! Users are free to click the links as many times as they wish, just like any link on the internet, just like it should be.

Once Off VS Monthly Pricing

The HelloBar is free, but the free version of HelloBar is branded with their logo and limits the number of link clicks to 25! So you will probably upgrade if you are using it. Then the pricing starts at $4.95 for 100 clicks and goes up based on the number of clicks. This is a MONTHLY cost.

The Foobar has a ONCE OFF purchase price of $6 for the jQuery plugin, or $14 for the WordPress version. No monthly fee!

What Are You Waiting For?

Check out all the features. Also check out this post about the WordPress features. Finally, check out some demos!
You know you want to get the Foobar….

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Foobar is the nice but WordPress notification bar is another alternative of hellobar plugin and i use it on my blog -


If you are looking for a FREE HTML alternative to Hello Bar, check out WOAHbar. Demo, Source Files & Documentation at:


This post says $9 while Codecanyon charges $14 ($16 for non-credit).

Which is the right price?