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Blackbird Pie, and New Twitter


UPDATE : check out the new Blackbird Pie plugin page

WOW, the Twitter Blackbird Pie WordPress plugin had an interesting past couple of days! On Friday 5th November, the guys from took the plugin & modified it a bit, and then added it to all sites! The story also got featured on Mashable & Techcrunch, 2 of THE LARGEST tech blogs on the internet, where they linked back to our original plugin. That was just awesome news, and the plugin downloads doubled in about 3 days!

With the increase in users, some issues were found. The biggest probably being that the New Twitter status URL formats did not work with the plugin, so people were happily pasting their tweet URLs into the post editor and nothing was showing up on their live sites. The new Twitter URLs contain an extra “#!” e.g.!/MarcForrest/status/4259838024482817

I have just uploaded a new version of the plugin to overcome this issue. Version 0.3.4 is available from for download, so please upgrade or download to the latest version. Other changes include renaming the Autolink.php file to autolinker.php and adding a donate button into the tinyMCE popup.

Again, if you like the plugin and feel that it deserves some kudos then please donate me some beer money :)

version 0.3.4 of the Blackbird Pie #WordPress plugin released
November 15 10:55 pm via HootSuiteReplyRetweetFavorite
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Is this supposed to work in comments as well? I've been trying to find a plugin that will allow people to post their!/toxidlotus/status/31595985859772417 link and have it embed blackbird pie.


getting a similar error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strlen() in /home/xxxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/twitter-blackbird-pie/unicode.php on line 21

Using WP. 3.0.4 on The Planet


I downloaded the plugin. When I tried to use it I got the following error and it broke the post:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in path//plugins/twitter-blackbird-pie/unicode.php on line 9

Rafael Fischmann
Rafael Fischmann

@admin: Thanks, I'm glad to hear that. But how come it's showing up perfectly in TechCrunch's RSS feed? Have they done any manual tweaking?

Daniel Bröckerhoff
Daniel Bröckerhoff

Hi there,

great plugin! But i got problem with my wordpress-theme (its "Elegant Grunge"). The userpics are not embedded inside the tweet but are shown like a foto i posted, hovering half above the tweet. i'll send you a screenshot if you like. pretty much makes blackbirdpie unusable for me :-(

Rafael Fischmann
Rafael Fischmann

Hey, congrats for the great plugin! It's working fine in my site, but the tweets are showing up broken in my RSS feed. Can you help me to fix that, please?

Tad Hunt

Hey there,

LOVE the plugin! Excellent job! Everything works well except the new Twitter (#!) url detection. Which is a shame as that is SUCH an amazing feature and though it may have been fixed in the previous version (0.3.4). It currently isn't working in 0.3.5. I'm making due with the myriad of other options you afforded us (again, great job!), I just thought you'd want to know that the issue is alive and well in the most current release of the plugin.

To clarify, if you paste the following into the rich text editor:!/BGR/status/6369075433316354

...nothing shows up except the link.

If you'd like me to test something for you, feel free to hit me up. I'd be happy to.




Very good plugin!

But.. I saw problems with "hashtags":

e.g.My tweet: "Irish Prime Minister Says Budget..."
The plugin is making Irish as a twitter name, and making a link which goes to a page: ... I never make any tag or tweeter name with Irish.. And it is getting off the "I" of Irish.

An other one: e.g."On Religion: A Long Road From ‘Come by.."
Is making "From" as twitter search and making a link : getting of the F.

I think you have a little problem with autolinker.php .. I was looking for it, but I can't understand how "preg_replace" works.. :S
Do you have any ideas what the problem is?

(Sorry for my english :/ !! :) ) Thanks!


Maybe stupid question for you experts:
How di I get that Twitter URLs with the ID?


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