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About Us

We love WordPress. And so should you!

What We Cover is mainly about WordPress, but we sometimes feature posts about other web related stuff. We will be focusing on WordPress development, themes and plugins. And some extra stuff that we think will make your blogging experience a little more prettier and happier.

Who the Hell Are We?

We are a small team of web coders / enthusiasts from South Africa. Everything we do on is done after hours in our spare time. (If only we could do this all day every day!) We are:

Brad Vincent AKA Feltch – WordPress plugin developer, braaivleis master, beer drinker

Steve Usher AKA Chuckles- jQuery ninja and bong aficionado

Marc Forrest AKA GrumpyDad – Blogger, WordPress geek, Apple product whore

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WTF Does Themergency Mean?

Most guys can’t event pronounce the name :) Well it’s really simple - it’s basically trying to say Theme Emergency, all bundled together into one word : Themergency! At first, the idea was simple - If you were having a theme emergency, could help you out, by reading our reviews and suggestions on the blog. But, like most things in life, things do not always turn out as planned, so almost a year later, we have done NO reviews on any themes or any theme providers - hahaha! Things never really went in that direction, but it was too late, so we just thought “what the hell, let’s just roll with it”.