WordPress 3.0 Roundup


UPDATE 17 June 2010 : WordPress 3.0 has been released! Read more about it.

This all started when @AndyCrofford asked us the question:

@themergency do you know of any good tuts on how to make a theme WP3 compatible? Getting ready to redesign my site.
Andy Crofford

So obviously, the first thing I did was a Google search. And this gave me some results, but I was not satisfied. So I started to dig deeper and this post was born. What I wanted to do was round up all the available (and good) info I could find on WordPress 3.0 and how to start using it, into 1 single place.

Firstly, What Does WordPress 3.0 Have To Offer?

There are many, many great posts on this subject, and I do not want to duplicate what is out there:

Try the latest Release Candidate

UPDATE 12 June 2010 : Release candidate 3 is now out! –

UPDATE 9 June 2010 : Release candidate 2 is available for download – – thanks ngassmann

Download and try the latest release candidate which was blogged about on 28th May 2010. You can also upgrade an existing blog to the new release candidate before the official release by using the WordPress Beta Tester plugin. But as it states on the plugin page : Don’t forget to backup before your start!

Make Your Themes 3.0 Compatible

These posts should help all theme developers out there in making their themes take advantage of the new features:

  • How To Make Your Theme WordPress 3.0 CompatibleArun Basil Lal (@ Million Clues).
    One of the best tutorials out there that covers menu management, custom header image management, feed links, post thumbnails (not new in wp 3.0), custom backgrounds and more

Power Features

There are a few “power features” that just cannot be left out of a post entitled “WordPress 3.0 Roundup”, so here is a list of the features that you cannot ignore:

Custom Post Types (My favourite!)

“Post type refers to the various structured data that is maintained in the WordPress posts table. Custom post types allow users to easily create and manage such things as portfolios, projects, video libraries, podcasts, quotes, chats, and whatever a user or developer can imagine.” Codex

Custom Taxonomies (Taxo-whats?)

“Taxonomy is the practice and science of classification. … A taxonomy is a particular classification arranged in a hierarchical structure.” - Wikipedia

Custom taxonomies are not a new feature in version 3.0, as they were introduced in version 2.8. What version 3.0 brings to the table is hierarchical custom taxonomies.

  • Introducing WordPress 3 Custom TaxonomiesPaul Kaiser (@ NetTuts)
    Read this if you are unsure of what a taxonomy is. Hell, read this if you know what it is too! An excellent article with valid examples. After reading this post you will get it!

Multisite (Create a network of sites)

Menu Management

When Will WordPress 3.0 Be Released?

I wish I knew, and I am sure most people (especially theme developers) want to know. It was first scheduled for release in May 2010, and now according to the codex, sometime in June. But let us try and make an educated guess. As of the time of writing this post, there are only 14 tickets open. An astounding 584 tickets (version 3.0 specific) have been closed! So… I would say in a matter of days! Well, let’s hope so. I predict it will be Monday, June 21 2010. What’s your prediction?

JR Farr
JR Farr

Wow, great article. This really is a true "roundup" post! Looks like since the official release the WP community has come back with some great feedback and insight on the bugs found. I think they did a great job and excited to see what happens with themes/plugins as Wordpress continues to be looked at as more of a CMS.

Navjot Singh
Navjot Singh

Thanks for the linkback. Appreciated. :)


I see no point in holding off. I already have client sites in production on WP3 RC3, and it's all good.


Also, something I'm still wrestling is upgrading from 2.9 to 3.0. A direct upgrade may be fine, but if you have a clean install on another domain and want to transfer the database? Yikes.


thanks JR! I agree with you. WP is the CMS of choice now, and it is only going to get better :)


I agree :) I also have a client site that is in production using the RC, and no issues.


I feel that when the ver 3 switch is flipped and everyone upgrades, there will be quite a few broken blogs out there


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